The Glen

The Glen is in the heart of Cumbernauld. It is a valuable area of woodland which provides much needed recreational space for the townspeople. Split into two areas, Cumbernauld Glen and the Vault Glen are both abundant in native flora and fauna.

The site is used extensively as a place to relax and to enjoy the peace and quiet. A special feature of the Glen is the high density of breeding birds. Green woodpeckers, siskins, jays, blackcaps and garden warblers are a common sight.

The ancient woodlands within the Glen are of high wildlife importance. The ground vegetation reflectsthe age of the site vasts carpets of wild hyacinths (bluebells) flower abundantly from May to June. Creeping grass and wood sorrel are frequent. By summer, bracken and broad buckler fern have succeeded with large area of honeysuckle and bramble to be seen. Oak and sycamore are the dominant tree species with the less frequent ash and elm and beech being rare.

The Friends of Cumbernauld Glen Website can be accessed by clicking on the logo to the left.

A map of the area was produced and is below –

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