External Links

There are lots of other areas for information and advice for the House, Park and Glen.  We’ve collated some below:

Cumbernauld House Trust

Kildrum Community Council www.kildrum.co.uk
Scottish Wildlife Trust  www.swt.org.uk
Visit Lanarkshire  www.visitlanarkshire.com
Cumbernauld News  www.cumbernauld-news.co.uk
Cumbernauld College  www.cumbernauld.ac.uk
Scottish Natural Heritage  www.snh.org.uk
The Rotary Club of Cumbernauld  www.cumbernauldrotary.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
Cumbernauld Environmental Society  www.cumbernauldenvironment.org.uk
Cumbernauld – What’s it called?  www.cumbernauldwhatsitcalled.co.uk
Other links
Garden History Society www.gardenhistorysociety.org/post/conservation/cumbernauld-house-north-lanarkshire
Greenspace Scotland www.greenspacescotland.org.uk
Royal Horticultural Society www.rhs.org.uk

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