Outdoor Gym Project Progresses

The proposed new Cumbernauld Outdoor Gym has taken a further step towards completion recently with positive discussions with North Lanarkshire Council indicating the project could potentially be funded from the Council’s Local Development Programme.

It is proposed that the gym will be comprised of ten items of timber fitness equipment, fitting in with the character of the park by using natural materials, and costing less than £20,000. It is planned for the gym to be located at the western edge of the park, next to the road turning to Cumbernauld Theatre. This location will ensure residents of the nearby Kildrum streets will not be disturbed, and views of (and from) Cumbernauld House will not be interrupted.

The project will include a new path, from the pedestrian gate entrance next to Cumbernauld House to the gym, and a new timber bridge over the Ha-Ha (medieval ditch). We hope to be working with the North Lanarkshire Council Restorative Justice Team and the Territorial Army Engineers respectively on these elements of the project.

The Friends of Cumbernauld House Park have been working on the Outdoor Gym project for almost one year, in association with coaches from Cumbernauld Colts, a local community football team. Preliminary consultation has included notification of the project on park notice boards, a Cumbernauld News article, discussion at monthly Friends of Cumbernauld House Park meetings, as well as mentions at meetings of Kildrum Community Council, Cumbernauld Environmental Society, and Cumbernauld Community Forum.

This is an excellent project which will ensure professional fitness equipment will be free for all local people and visitors of Cumbernauld House Park to use for the foreseeable future, boosting health and wellbeing in the town and fitting in with the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy. We look forward to consulting further on this proposal once a provisional landscape plan is available.

About cumbernauldhouse

To save and preserve Cumbernauld House and allow Public Access to this piece of our National Heritage.
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1 Response to Outdoor Gym Project Progresses

  1. Iain Allison says:


    Firstly I absolutely love the park and glen however would like the Council to consider erecting a fence at the railway side of the loop walk (opposite track from the dovecote) as the drop down the glen would kill a young child if they fell down the slope should they run ahead or away from their parents.

    Iain Allison

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