Annual report from our Chairman

I think we can consider 2011 to have been quite a good year for the Friends of Cumbernauld House Park.

 We completed the interpretive signs project and it seems that they have been broadly welcomed by the local community. Furthermore, they have not (yet) been subject to any damage by vandalism.

 We had a successful Fun Day, our first joint project with the Friends of Cumbernauld Glen.Tree Planting

 We obtained 420 young saplings, free of charge, from the Woodland Trust and we had three successful planting sessions, two of which involved several members of the local community. Hopefully they will all grow to maturity over the next 10-20 years and will add to the diversity of the park. A small number of saplings (including Ann’s Royal Tree) have been kept for planting in the early spring.

 Thanks to Kevin’s efforts on our behalf, North Lanarkshire Council have obtained five standard trees (around 2 metres high) to be planted in the park and we have marked out the places for them to be planted. The NLC squad are waiting for a suitable break in the weather for them to actually plant the trees.

 Sadly, high winds have brought down a few trees in the park and NLC is , as yet, to clear away all the fallen timber.

 Despite our disappointment that Cumbernauld House has been lost to community use, it is pleasing to see work progressing on the conversion of the house and its outbuildings into housing units. 

(Almost) Anything is better than it lying empty and prone to vandalism!

 On the down-side, we have, as yet, been pretty unsuccessful at recruiting new members to our group. This will become more of a probleman a couple of months time, when Beth and Gordon, two of our most active and enthusiastic members, will be leaving Cumbernauld for a new life overseas. We all wish them well, but the rest of us will need to do our best to recruit (at least )two new members to replace them!

About cumbernauldhouse

To save and preserve Cumbernauld House and allow Public Access to this piece of our National Heritage.
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